Congratulations to Josh Zuckerman and the whole cast and crew of Oppenheimer for winning Best Picture of the Year!
Evan Peters
Dahmer-Monster: The Jerffery Dahmer Story |
Golden Globe Lead Actor Winner
“Working with Michael is a joy and it always proves just how dedicated he is to the craft. He is so invested in the material its as if he were taking on the role himself. Michael teaches you to trust yourself while examining and expanding on your choices until you feel they are the best ones for the project. Finding an environment rich in creativity rather than scrutiny has been a relief. He’s also taught me confidence when I needed it most. I would highly recommend Michael Woolson to any actor wishing to further his or her technique and creative process.”
Tyler Williams
Abbott Elementary , Dear White People; Everybody Hates Chris, Walking Dead |
Golden Globe Winner: Best Supporting Actor in Television Series
“After reaching a level of success at a young age due to natural talent, I had hit a wall. I lacked technique and was fairly unavailable emotionally when I decided to begin working with Michael. He brilliantly helped me find a way to break down walls emotionally, deepen my connection to the material, and get rid of the many crutches I had developed over time in my work. This has given me a solid foundation and I attribute most the success I’ve had since to studying with him.”
Hailee Steinfeld
Bumblebee, True Grit, Ender’s Game |
Acadamy Award Nominee
“I have been coaching with Michael for years. Michael’s instruction and techniques have given me the confidence to completely morph into the character I am portraying. I love that he truly understands me, and is able to push me beyond my abilities to get the very best out of me every time. It’s working, thank you Michael.”
Hailee Steinfeld
Casting Director – Top Gun: Maverick, Saving Private Ryan, Big Fish
“For decades, Michael Woolson has been helping actors elevate their talent beyond imagination. His mastery and unique insights are built from years of coaching on-set, in acting classes, and from directing theatrical productions. As a result, he has earned a reputation for helping actors move past any blocks, work smarter, and create incredible, standout performances. After all these years in casting, I continue to value the professional relationship we share and Michael’s contributions as a top acting coach. “
Mila Kunis
Bad Moms, Black Swan, Oz: The Great & Powerful |
Golden Globe Nominee
“I was given the privilege of working with Michael and the gift of walking away with new insights and a deeper performance. He inspires you to do your best work and go beyond any obstacle you may face.”
Anson Mount
Stark Trek: Discovery, Hell on Wheels, Conviction
“Michael Woolson’s coaching is squarely grounded in the actor’s individuality and sense of self. He has an intelligence which is immediately apparent, but one that he does not wear on his sleeve. It is an emotional intelligence which he uses to step into the unique mindset of any actor, take him or her by the hand, and look at all the possibilities. Once choices are made, play ensues and real inspiration follows.”
Kyle Gallner
American Sniper, Dear White People, CBGB
“I had emotional walls higher then I ever imagined, and thanks to Michael, they were slowly shattered. I wouldn’t have the career I have today if it wasn’t for him. He took a guy with some natural ability and turned him into an actor. He taught me to be open and to be brave with my work. And just from being in class and acting and having all the personal discoveries, I have become a better person. I have so much more to learn, and will always keep learning, and I am proud to have him teach me.”
Beau Mirchoff
Now Apocalypse, Flatliners, Awkward
“Michael’s like a freeway exit sign: unassuming, easy to read, and tremendously helpful. Without Michael I’d be in Guadalajara pinching pesos wondering where I am and what I’m doing with my life. Michael makes you a compassionate actor equipped with the tools to succeed. He gives you the shovel and tells you where the water is; it is up to you to dig the well “
Alison Scagliotti
Straight Outta Compton, X-Men: Apocalypse; Love, Simon
“When I first started with Michael, I was instantly drawn to his passion. He taught me how to ground myself, honed in on my best triggers, and I call his book ‘The Work Of An Actor’ my Bible and take it with me on every set. I am lucky to have a coach like Michael, without his guidance I’d still be a pet groomer dreaming of the Big Screen.”
Torrey Devitto
The Rite, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars
“Meeting and working with Michael changed not only my work, but also who I was as a person. He showed me how to reach depths and look into areas of myself I didn’t even know were there. His teachings completely shaped who I am as an actor.”
Nichole Bloom
Superstore, Shameless, Project X
“Before coming to Michael I had struggled to understand what was holding me back in my career, but his class was a light bulb for me. I’ve never before seen a coach who is able to point out a person’s strengths, as well as their blind spots, in such a supportive and effective way and then work and push them to be better. I’m grateful for his guidance that’s continued to help me grow as an actor and an individual.”
Erin Moriarty
The Boys, True Detective, The Watch
“Working with Michael has given me the opportunity to delve into characters with depth and enthusiasm. He has helped me analyze material and bring my roles to life, thus driving me to give my best performance. When I started working with Michael, it immediately started to yield results; I gained confidence, improved my technique, and added so many layers to my acting. I cannot stress how much I have grown as an actor under his guidance. His help has been invaluable and I feel so lucky to have found him.”
Ana Mulvoy-Ten
American Crime, Selah and The Spades, Ascension
“Michael’s instincts are really astounding and he has taught me how to reach an emotional level I didn’t even know I was capable of. He has the rare quality of being able to push and challenge someone and at the same time being compassionate and uplifting. I always feel more confident and inspired after working with Michael.”
Jeanine Mason
Roswell, New Mexico; Grey’s Anatomy, Awkward
“It’s impossible to justifiably articulate; Michael is a genius. He is a master at identifying a moment of uncertainty, addressing its existence, and rooting it in truth. I have never existed more authentically in my work than I have with his guidance. I have a hell of a way to go, but it’s a whole lot less daunting with Michael on my side.”
Kenny Johnson
S.W.A.T., Bates Motel, Sons of Anarchy
“Michael Woolson’s calling was to teach and give back all that he’d learned from years of acting and studying with the greats. When I first took class with Michael I was immediately struck by how genuine and honest a person he is. Michael is extremely fearless in his approach and I love his commitment to the craft. Always learning, always growing, always caring; he is as straightforward as you can get. Michael also has incredible instincts and with this all combined the results speak for themselves. He coaches students that are nominated for Oscars and star in studio features and TV series. He’s brilliant and the words in his books ring so true and are so effortless. I love this guy.”
Meghan Markle
Suits, Horrible Bosses, Remember Me
“I’ve done private coaching with Michael for several years. He helps you see the material clearly — to step back for a moment and figure out the strongest choices — and most importantly, what you can bring to it that is authentic and special to you. He’s a breath of fresh air in this often hectic industry of ours, and an incredibly valuable coach.”
Amanda Fuller
Orange is the New Black, Cheap Thrills, Last Man Standing
“You teach. You preach. You talk. You create. You uplift. You reveal and you integrate. But most importantly, you inspire. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life and for being my guide.”
Justin Chon
Director: “Blue Bayou” & “Chief of War”
“I am still in the infancy of my artistic journey but delighted to have a great guide like Michael. He is not about ego, his intention is to further your journey as an artist. When you bring in good work he is genuinely excited to help you rather than feel threatened like many acting teachers. I cannot count the number of times we were on the floor (well at least i was) laughing because we came up with some funny ass shit. I have booked many jobs working with Michael. That is never the main goal but it just happens when you’re having so much fun. Trust me he’s like the Jesus of acting.”
David Giuntoli
A Million Little Things
“Michael is passionate, honest, and relentless. He inspires his students to overcome the fear and laziness that impedes them from developing their craft. I am grateful to work with him.”
Alyson Stoner
Cheaper by the Dozen, Phineas and Ferb
“Delving into a script with Michael is like standing at a fascinating frontier where art, psychology, philosophy, creativity and serendipity merge. He is keenly focused and impressively intuitive with writing, subtext and character development, and committed to letting the magic moments of pure, visceral expression happen. He teaches smart preparation, but Most of all, I trust him and I appreciate how much space he gives me to explore.”
Devon Graye
Nope, The Flash, American Horror Story, Dexter
“Without question, I have had an immense transformation as an actor thanks to Michael’s coaching. I have evolved into a territory I never thought possible thanks to his strong, yet refreshingly gentle guidance. Michael LOVES what he does and possesses an overwhelming joy in seeing his students succeed. You get the feeling he is ‘for you’ within the first five minutes of meeting him. Although blunt criticism is an integral part of learning, I believe that true success is born from encouragement and nurturing. Michael delivers it all with an unwavering love for the craft and his students. I owe him quite a lot.”
Molly Quinn
Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Dr. Sleep, The Rookie, Castle, Christmas Carol, Hansel and Gretel
“Michael Woolson’s classes are for the courageous student ready for honest evaluation and a higher level of performance. His approach is based on classic techniques as well as his own personal discoveries and innovations. By taking the whole actor into consideration, Michael brings out the best in his students by thoughtfully integrating the actor’s unique self into rich, multi-dimensional, authentic characters. Not only am I a better actor from studying with him, I am also a better person.”
Josh Zuckerman
Oppenheimer, 90210, Sex Drive
“Michael Woolson perpetually inspires me to move forward with awe in my work. A teacher with acute dexterity and compassion. A sage, a decoder, a confidant and a generous storyteller. In short, an acting guru who has provided me with a technique parachute.”
Leo Nam
Westworld, Murder of a Cat, Vantage Point, Perfect Score
“Michael Woolson is amazing. He allows you to understand the fundamental instinctive choice that you have, and nurtures you to own the greatness of yourself through the work. An incredibly instinctive and diverse eye, with the heart and generosity of a Master.”
Max Lloyd Jones
Field of Lost Shoes
“Michael’s insight and creativity is matched only by his compassion and enthusiasm. He somehow manages to push you to your limits while keeping a proverbial arm around your shoulder. Under his guidance I feel safe and all the stress and white noise of the industry fades away and makes room for the freedom of play.”

Kerris Dorsey
Roy Donovan, Moneyball
“I consider myself lucky to have found Michael. He’s coached me on every major role I’ve booked. In every lesson I take from him, I learn so much. He is a funny, smart, patient, kind teacher and person, and he inspires his students to not only want to be great actors, but also great people.”
Michael Welch
Twilight New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn
“Michael has given me a lot of confidence as an actor. He’s helped me deepen my work, make it more specific, and pulled me through any creative slump I’ve had. Michael has made me want to work harder and brought my craft to a whole new level. He is the Daniel Day-Lewis of acting teachers.”
Alison Scagliotti
Warehouse 13
“Michael Woolson calls to mind too many explicit adjectives to list. How can I describe someone who has been a teacher, friend, guru and confidante since the beginning? Michael you are a genius, a gift, a credit to your species and an all around badass. Here’s to a future as brilliant as you are.”
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Bloodfather, Project Almanac, Taken 3, The Amazing Spiderman, Chasing Mavericks, 21 and Over, The Kings of Summer, Moneyball, Oz: The Great and Powerful, Black Swan, True Grit, Hunger Games, Fun Size, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, We Bought a Zoo, Twilight, Nightmare on Elm St, Haunting in Connecticut, Terminator: Salvation, Ramona and Beezus, Orphan, Cherry, Nim’s Island, Jennifer’s Body, A Christmas Carol, Sex Drive, Walk the Line, Drill Bit Taylor, Jack & the Beanstalk, The Poker House, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Opposite Day, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Sin City 2, Little Miss Sunshine, Funny Games, The Hottest State, Polar Express, School Of Rock, Riding In Cars With Boys, Feast, Pretty Persuasion, Kicking & Screaming, Thirteen, Surviving Christmas, ATL, American Pie 2, Magnolia, The Patriot, October Sky, City Of Angels, Soul Food, Austin Powers, Not Another Teen Movie, Orange County, The Butterfly Effect, The Hulk, Battle Of Shaker Heights, Holes, Old School, Analyze This, Analyze That, Signs, Ender’s Game & Meet the Parents
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