The Technique

The technique I teach brings forth deep emotional connection through detailed script analysis and personalization work. It is based on years of study with Larry Moss and other coaches, my background in Psychology, as well as my own trial and error as an actor, director, and teacher. I’m aware that there are some actors who are hesitant about using technique because they think it will make their work mechanical or inauthentic.

My goal is to get you emotionally fired up so you can give dynamic, memorable, in-the-moment performances. It doesn’t help to do this homework mentally if it doesn’t bring you real emotions. You must never act at a character but instead use these techniques as a means to deepen your work and eventually free yourself. Technique is a safety net when natural ability is just not enough or when the circumstances on the set are less than ideal. Shooting out of sequence is common for film and television, and the distractions are often enough to throw off even the most seasoned players.There are coaches out there that are going to tell you to use only your real life and others that preach imagination. The truth is that every actor is different in how they work best, and every role has different demands, so I use both methods in my coaching. There are fewer limitations that way. Your job is to delve into them both and find out what works best for you.

Expanding your technique will often bring the passion back to your work and remind you why you became an actor in the first place. Great acting is about truth, connection and collaboration. It’s about creating characters for the joy of the process. No matter what level you’re at in your career, my biggest and best hope is that my classes will inspire you to get excited about your potential as an artist and as a person.

For more about the specifics of the technique, see Michael’s technique book The Work of an Actor, which is the centerpoint of our actor training course program here in LA.

“He gives actors a solid technique to create brave,
multi-layered performances that stand out from the rest.”
Johanna Ray, Casting Director, Inglorious Basterds